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We are a team of software industry professionals, who care about doing good work, together with good people.

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The Fluent Team

Values & Principles

We are purposeful

We prioritise visible destinations over aspirational targets beyond the horizon. We know the answer to ‘Where are we going?’. However, we do not spend a lot of time debating our long-term goals.

We build for quality and value

We invest our resources in producing results that manifest as the value we deliver to our customers. We avoid dedicating significant time and energy to tasks that do not directly impact the user experience.

We are team players

Ownership at Fluent means responsibility of an area/artefact, and enabling others use that area/artefact in question, not gatekeeping.

We love to communicate

We assume good intentions. We know that each one of us share the same goal. We don’t have conflicts of interest. We choose clarity and candour over bureaucracy and politics.

Why join Fluent?

We wanted to listed a few things that makes working at Fluent even better. If you have any specific questions, send us an email at


We pay top of market salaries and offer generous equity.


We have an office in london, but remote working anywhere in ±3 GMT is fine too. Once a quarter we all meet up in person somewhere in Europe.


We’ll buy you basically anything you need.

Open positions

Founding Engineer

London office or Remote (UTC±3)

Founding SDR

London office or Remote (UTC±3)

Founding Marketing Lead

London office or Remote (UTC±3)

Product Designer

London office or Remote (UTC±3)

DevOps Engineer

London office or Remote (UTC±3)