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What is the average cost of products sold over time?
Can we see a breakdown of sales by product department?
Which product brand has the highest retail price?
How have our sales changed last week?
Do you mean number of sales or revenue?
What would you like to know?

How does it work?

Fluent is your AI data analyst. It helps you explore your data and uncover the questions you should be asking.

Ask your question, your way

No complicated UI, no learning curve. Just type in your question and Fluent will do the rest.

Never be misunderstood

Fluent works with you to clarify your question, so you can get the insight you need.

Explore your data

With Fluent, you can uncover the questions you should be asking to get more out of your data.

Bring the whole team

Fluent lets you build a shared understanding of your data, with real time collaboration and a shared data dictionary.

No more silos, no more confusion, and no more disagreements on how to define revenue.

Ad hoc on the go

Fluent integrates with Slack and Teams, so you can get data insights without leaving your chat.

Your AI Data Analyst

  • Intelligible SQL Fluent gives verifiable output with a visual display of the exact SQL journey and AI logic for each query
  • Simple governance. Curate tailored datasets with clear usage guidelines and quality control, enhancing data integrity and access management
  • Self service, for real. Embed company-specific metrics, definitions, and terminology, guaranteeing consistent, uniformed responses for business users.

Unify your data

We integrate with seven of the most common data warehouses, four of the most common file formats, and we’re adding more all the time.

Enterprise grade security

Bank grade

Fluent stores all data warehouse credentials encrypted using industry standard AES-256 encryption.

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Bring your own

By default, Fluent stores query results in our encrypted S3 bucket but you can also use your own S3, GCP or Azure storage.

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Fluent supports SSO and multi-factor authentication with all the major identity providers, including Okta, Google, Microsoft and more.

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Fluent is SOC2 compliant and has passed rigorous security audits to ensure the safety of your data.

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