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Fluent is the self-serve natural language interface and analytics platform trusted by data teams and loved by business users.

Liberate your data analysts from ad-hoc requests with a conversational layer over your structured data, for easy-access, on-demand data insights.

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What is the average cost of products sold over time?
Can we see a breakdown of sales by product department?
Which product brand has the highest retail price?
How have our sales changed last week?
Do you mean number of sales or revenue?
What would you like to know?

AI that plays by your rules

Govern with confidence. Fluent does the hard work, while you control the guardrails on terminology, process and datasets.

Data teams with more impact

End ad-hoc query chaos. Free your data team the time and bandwidth to be the best they can be. Let them focus on the highest-value analysis.

Data dashboards, on-demand

Empower the whole business ​​to build smarter dashboards that instantly answer data questions they have today.

Insights that work with you

Fluent leverages your wealth of past queries to find answers faster, in the terminology your data team defines, with precise accuracy and consistency.

Lighter learning curves

Fluent can be used effectively by anyone, regardless of their technical or data literacy. Our LLM clarifies and guides users to their answers the same way your data team would.

Ad hoc on the go

Don’t get left on read. Begin your data exploration in your DMs.

Fluent integrates seamlessly into Slack and Teams Messengers to provide quickfire answers, offering extended conversations and dashboards within the Fluent interface.

Unify your data

We integrate with seven of the most common data warehouses, four of the most common file formats, and we’re adding more all the time.

For Data Teams

Total control, with less heavy lifting
  • Leverage pre-existing SQL Fluent uses historic queries to find accurate answers faster, and interprets context using inputs controlled by your data team.
  • Lower technical lifts Fluent requires a shorter setup time to understand query context, versus building a full semantic layer.

  • SQL editing and dashboarding Enjoy full governance over the underlying SQL that drives Fluent. Let your data team set the rules, then empower them to find the data answers they want.

For Business Users

Your dedicated AI data analyst
  • Get data insights when it counts Data insights are at their most impactful when they’re accurate, trustworthy and delivered quickly. Ask in plain english and receive answers in an instant.
  • Converse with data that speaks your language Skip the small talk, and dive into rich conversations about your data with an LLM trained with your business terminology and on-hand to assist, anytime.
  • Weave intelligence into every decision Fluent doesn’t just pull data snippets, it can think too. Not sure what you’re after? Fluent will clarify broad queries and generate suggestions to deepen your insights.

Enterprise grade security

Bank grade

Fluent stores all data warehouse credentials encrypted using industry standard AES-256 encryption.

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Bring your own

By default, Fluent stores query results in our encrypted S3 bucket but you can also use your own S3, GCP or Azure storage.

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Fluent supports SSO and multi-factor authentication with all the major identity providers, including Okta, Google, Microsoft and more.

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Fluent is SOC2 compliant and has passed rigorous security audits to ensure the safety of your data.

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Bring the whole team

Our rapid pilot process shows you the power of Fluent on your own dataset. If you’re convinced we follow with a simple integration process, getting you up and running in no time.

You can pick up Fluent with ease from day one, but our customer support team are always on-hand if you need any further support.

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Power up your data workflow today. Empower decision makers, relieve data analysts, make every decision, data-driven.

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